In this eBook, veteran and elite bench press athlete FABOSTRONG shares his training plan and knowledge that made him the strongest man in Iraq. His program was designed for one single purpose: destroying bench records! Extraordinary results require extraordinary methods. Fabostrong’s program is raw, brutal and nothing for the faint-hearted, but the success of his clients speaks for itself. This eBook will provide you everything that is needed for a truly big bench.

What’s inside the eBook:


Learn how I was able to bench 440lbs with a bodyweight of only 161lbs and how you can accomplish the same.


A customized and detailed BENCHSAVAGE training plan tailored to your individual requirements for a bigger bench.


Precise guidance through every workout including accessory exercises.


Useful information on how to unleash your true benchpress potential.


A handy and ready to hand version of your program for the gym.


What my clients say about the program

No other program has worked the way the Bench Savage program worked for me. Most people thought i was crazy for benching thee times a week. However the results proved my peers wrong. This program is not for the faint of heart, but if done properly will show great returns.


My bench went from 440lbs to 480lbs using the six week Bench Savage program in the first session. Eight months later, after my injury, i did the program again and hit 495lbs. I am a Bench Savage supporter easily…


Using this program i went from 235lbs to over 300lbs and it completely changed the way i bench.


I went from only benching 185lbs for three reps to 255lbs for 2 with this program.


About me

I am Fabostrong, a bench press specialist with a personal record of 440 lbs at a bodyweight of 161 lbs. It felt like it is time to pass on my knowledge to others in the form of this eBook.

The bench program in this eBook was developed by me during my time in Iraq where I was on a private security detail mission. My gym over there held bench press competitions every month. After training for a while I decided to give it a try and signed up. Although there was no chance for me to win in the beginning, I got addicted instantly and it was my biggest goal to win this competition.

Because of my lack of formal training or coaching when it came to power, researching strength training and powerlifting was my first step. Eventually, I used my newly acquired knowledge to develop a program that would fit me. Using this new plan my strength and lifts went up every day and I ended up winning every single competition in my camp.

The final version of this program, which made me the strongest man in Iraq is the core of this eBook. I am sure it can help you as much as it helped me.